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Category: Roof Design

Roof design plays a crucial role in the overall appearance of a house, with factors such as roof color, ventilation, and pitch all contributing to its functionality and aesthetic appeal.

14 Risks of Poor Attic Ventilation

The risks of poor attic ventilation mainly relate to the attic’s inability to create enough airflow to move moisture and heat from inside to outside of the attic. Preventing the attic from staying dry and free of moisture as it should be. Causing damage to the roof that shortens its lifespan, as it's meant to […]

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Roofing Layers & Why They’re Important?

Any homeowner or child, if asked what is the roof made of (or its roofing layers)? Will answer, it’s the part with the shingles on it, that helps the rain to run down it. They aren’t wrong, but a roof has many roofing layers that together allow it to work properly. From experience, roofing mission […]

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Anatomy of a Roof

The roof, normally associated with the shingled part of the roof, is one part of the entire roof system that together protects and insulates your home; Keeping it’s occupants safe from weather, debris and comfortable no matter whether it is hot or cold outside of the home. At roofing mission (a.k.a "BulletpRoof") it's important to […]

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