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Residential Cedar Roof Conversion Services

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Lower Mainland's Top-Rated Residential Cedar Roof Conversion: From Mission to Vancouver

BulletpRoof Roof Systems' residential cedar roof conversion services do not involve "roof overlaying" or layering multiple layers of shingles ever for our clients in the Lower Mainland, BC. Reason being, in exchange for short-term savings it will drastically shorten the lifespan of both your roof and your home. 

Cedar roof conversion services involve the process of transforming existing cedar roofs into alternative roofing materials. This conversion is often carried out to address issues such as cedar roof deterioration, high maintenance costs, or a desire for a different aesthetic or functionality. During the conversion process, the original cedar shingles or shakes are removed, and a new roofing material, such as asphalt shingles, metal panels, or synthetic roofing products, is installed in their place. Cedar roof conversions can offer improved durability, reduced maintenance requirements, and increased energy efficiency while retaining the visual appeal of the original cedar roof or achieving a new desired look for the property.

BulletpRoof Roof Systems is a family-operated, fully licensed and insured, full-service roofing company who specializes in residential sloped re-roofing services. Founded by Marty, a manufacturer-trained and certified Shingle Master™ with over 15 years of experience. 

We're trained to work with any roofing material, whether its cedar, tile, asphalt and composites, from all major brands and all quality levels.

We offer a variety of roofing services to help meet all of our customers residential roofing needs, including:

  • Roof Installation
  • Roof Replacement
  • Re-Roofing
  • Tile Roof Conversion
  • Gutter Installation

Additional services and referrals available upon request.

If you are considering residential roofing contractors, or are unhappy with your current contractor, contact BulletpRoof Roof Systems at (778) 809-7663 for a free on-site estimate today.

Benefits of a Cedar Roof Conversion in Metro Vancouver, BC | Stress-Free Client-Roofer Relationships

At BulletpRoof Roof Systems, customers always come first, and we are committed to providing top-notch service at a fair price for their every roofing need with the utmost professionalism and patience throughout the process. No matter what, we respect you and your family, and will provide service that goes the extra mile to get your optimal results.

Our personalized services are designed to have everything organized, transparent and clearly laid out to help guarantee that our customers' expectations will be met. Whether that means providing samples, resources and literally anything you need, we're here to give you the best possible roofing experience possible. 

By choosing to use cedar roof conversion services, homeowners can enjoy many benefits:

  1. Improved Durability: Transitioning from a cedar roof to alternative materials like asphalt shingles, metal panels, or synthetic products enhances the roof's longevity. Additionally, greater resistance against harsh weather conditions.
  2. Minimized Maintenance, Repairs and Replacements: Conversion to alternative roofing materials reduces the need for frequent maintenance, repairs and replacements, leading to cost savings in the long run.
  3. Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Alternative roofing materials often offer better insulation, contributing to more efficient indoor temperature regulation and reduced energy consumption.

Leading to a more durable, energy-efficent, and aesthetically pleasing roofing solution for their residential property. While gaining access to extended warranty coverage up to 50 years and workmanship warranties up to 10 years to give them peace of mind. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does a cedar roof conversion cost?

The cost of a roof conversion can vary depending on the scope of the project, the roofing materials used, and other factors. It's best to get quotes from roofing contractors for accurate pricing. The cost of a roof conversion depends on factors like roof size, materials used, structural modifications, and labor expenses.

Are there any incentives or rebates for cedar roof conversions?

Some regions offer incentives or rebates for roof conversions that promote energy efficiency or eco-friendly roofing materials. Check with local authorities for available programs.

How long does a roof conversion take?

The duration of a roof conversion depends on the complexity of the project. It can take a few days to several weeks, depending on the size and scope.

What roofing materials can I convert my cedar shakes to?

Yes, it's possible to convert an asphalt shingle roof to a tile roof. This conversion may require reinforcing the roof structure to accommodate the added weight of tiles.

Should I hire a professional for a cedar roof conversion?

Roof conversions are complex projects that require expertise and safety precautions. Hiring a professional roofing contractor is recommended for a successful conversion.

When Should You Consider Using Cedar Roof Conversion Services in Greater Vancouver?

Common signs that indicate it's time for a cedar roof conversion is needed:

  • Aging plays a crucial role, having a natural lifespan of 20-25 years causes it to deteoriate and lose its protection rapidly beyond this point. Similar to not having a roof at all in some cases.
  • Repair and maintenance frequency increases. Constantly addressing leaks, shingle damage and other damage, it's a clear sign that your roof's integrity has been compromised.
  • Energy efficiency and insulation concerns. Seen in the form of experiencing temperature flucations, difficulty regulating indoor temperatures and higher utility bills (incl. increased HVAC usage and maintenance).
  • And much more... 

Though these signs may indicate it is time for a cedar roof conversion, consult a roofing professional like Marty at (778) 809-7663 for a no obligation assessment. He'll only tell you exactly what you need, no overselling and absolutely no pressure. 

Many of our customers do prefer the cedar aesthetic for their reisdential property, though obscene costs due to the economic factors associated with a new cedar installation forces them to look for alternatives. In these cases, we recommend clients consider asphalt shingles as a more cost-effective and long-lasting solution.

Which is Right? DIY vs. Professional Cedar Roof Conversion

Converting a cedar roof to a different roofing material is a complex project that is best left to professionals due to several key factors. Cedar roof conversion involves more than just replacing shingles; it requires structural assessments, material expertise, safety precautions, and adherence to building codes.

It's strictly a professional project because cedar roofs do not have a roof deck installed underneath for support and the existing cedar shakes are brittle. Meaning they will break and lead to an uneccessary injury that can be avoided.

Professionals can ensure the project's complexity is managed properly, offering advice on material selection, safety measures, and efficient execution. Moreover, they provide warranties, ensuring the work's quality, and handle permits and codes, reducing potential liabilities for homeowners.

If you're looking for a professional roofing contractor that you can trust, BulletpRoof Roof Systems is the best choice for you!
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Potential Challenges Associated with Residential Cedar Roof Conversions in Lower Mainland, BC

Converting residential cedar roofs to alternative roofing materials presents several potential challenges.

Preservation of Aesthetics and Architectural Authenticity

Cedar roofs are valued for their natural beauty and texture, and transitioning to a different material might result in a loss of the distinctive appearance that cedar provides.

Selecting a suitable replacement material that mimics the aesthetic appeal of cedar while ensuring durability can be a complex task, requiring careful consideration of factors like color, texture, and style to maintain the home's visual harmony with its surroundings.

Cost Factor

Cedar roof conversions can be a substantial investment due to the labor-intensive process of removing the existing cedar shingles and installing the new material. The expense may vary based on the chosen roofing material, installation complexity, and the size of the property.

Additionally, some roofing materials require specialized installation techniques or equipment, which can add to the overall costs.

Comparing the Cost of Cedar Roof Conversion to Installing a New Roof

When comparing the cost of converting a cedar roof to installing a new roof, several factors come into play.

Cost of Labour and Materials

Cedar roof conversions typically involve the removal of existing shingles, which can be labor-intensive. Additionally, the installation of a new roofing material requires skilled labor and specialized equipment, contributing to the overall expenses.

The choice of replacement material plays a significant role in cost comparison. While installing a new roof can be extremely costly, including framing, engineering, permits on top of the roof material installation. On the other hand, a cedar roof conversion with alternative materials like asphalt shingles, metal, or synthetic tiles can offer cost savings in terms of replacing only the roofing material and re-reusing the existing framing.

Size and Complexity of the Roofing Project

Larger properties or homes with intricate roof designs may incur higher conversion costs due to increased labor and time requirements. Moreover, the local roofing market and availability of materials can impact the overall expense. Homeowners should also consider the potential energy efficiency and insulation benefits of newer roofing materials, as they can contribute to long-term savings on heating and cooling costs.

Ultimately, the decision between a cedar roof conversion and installing a new roof depends on balancing the upfront investment with the homeowner's available budget and roofing needs.

Warranties and Guarantees Offered with Cedar Roof Conversion Services

Warranties and guarantees associated with cedar roof conversion services play a crucial role in ensuring the durability and quality of the work. 


These warranties often span a certain number of years and protect homeowners against defects, leaks, and other issues that may arise due to workmanship or material problems. It's important for homeowners to carefully review the terms and conditions of these warranties, as they may include clauses that specify maintenance requirements or exclusions that could affect the warranty's validity.


Guarantees provided with cedar roof conversion services usually pertain to the quality of the craftsmanship and the satisfaction of the customer. Expect reliable roofing companies to stand behind their work and provide solutions if any problems arise after the roofing project is completed.

Our Warranty and Gurantee

BulletpRoof Roof Systems offers up to 50 years non-pro rated 4 Star warranty which covers labour, material disposal, and tear-off and disposal. Additionally, receive a 10-year workmanship warranty from BulletpRoof Roof Systems Ltd.

Cities We Serve

Local cities trust BulletpRoof Roof Systems will provide homeowners with a new roof that is guaranteed to last for years to come.

Residential Cedar Roof Conversion Process

Our residential cedar roof conversion is designed to make your roofing experience completely stress-free, by making you feel confident and crystal clear on what is always happening. While he handle all of your roof removal, replacement and installation needs.

Meaning we will patiently listen and answer all of your questions and requests. Anything you need help with, from shingle colours, warranties, roofing contractors to understanding why your roof system needs exactly what it needs. We're there for you.

Our residential cedar roof conversion process is as follows:

  1. Request Estimate - Customer reaches out for more information on their roofing situation, Marty responds within hours (max 24-48 hours).
  2. Free On-Site Estimate - Marty visits your home/business in person, assesses your roof, discusses options and recommendations, and provides a detailed written estimate.
  3. Preparation Work - Before any tear off starts, we protect your home and make our work area safe for the team; by protecting your soon to be exposed attic space, protecting landscaping and plants, installing safety boards if the roof is steep, installing guard rails and scaffolding, moving yard furniture, protecting siding from scratches and damage, etc.
  4. Tools and Material Transport - Transport tools and prepare the new materials strategically.
  5. Tear Off Old Roof - Remove all of the old cedar shingles and debris (some of it may fall into the exposed attic), dispose of it in the dump bin. 
  6. Repair Skip-Sheaths and Re-Sheath Roof Deck - Replace any skip-sheaths with signs of damage or mold, install a new plywood roof deck and dispose of any debris in the dump bin. Depending on the weather, we use tarpaulins to protect the exposed roof from absorbing excessive water. (extra step compared to re-roofing, we mentioned earlier)
  7. Inspect Roof Deck - Check the plywood deck is in good shape; replacing any plywood that has mold, is soft due to water damage, nailing in any loose plywood, etc. Ensuring that the roof deck is acceptable for nailing new shingles, while avoiding existing damage to the roof from worsening and unsightly bumps in the roof appearing weeks later (usually 1-2 weeks after work is done).
  8. Install Underlayment - Once the roof deck is in good shape, roof underlayment is installed with added water and ice shielding to roof valleys and penetrations to avoid excess moisture to run-off. Cover the roof with roofing felt, which acts as a barrier between the shingles and the roof deck so that the shingles don’t stick. Clean up any debris and material waste, dispose of in the dump bin.
  9. Install Roof Flashings and Shingles - Once the underlayment is ready, the starter shingles, regular shingles and at the end, ridge and hip cap shingles are installed. During this step, to prevent future water issues and air circulation issues, roof flashings and venting components are installed. This involves properly fitting and sealing any plumbing, air vents, valleys, adjacent walls, skylights, etc. Cleaning up any debris and materials and disposing of in the dump bin.
  10. Repeat Steps 5-9 - Roof installation goes one section of the roof at a time until completion. Allowing for the roof to remain fully protected from wetter weather from damaging the roof at any time.
  11. Final Clean Up - Dispose of any remaining roofing materials and use a magnetic roller to capture any remaining nails, staples or metal debris are completely removed. Leaving your home and roof cleaner than when we arrived.
  12. Final Review and Post-Installation - We review the new installation with customer, note any issues and promptly repair issues. Then assist with any warranty-related tasks, and help the customer get any other benefits available to them.

During the process, we welcome any special requests, instructions, concerns or questions you have for us. In the case of unexpected challenges, we will show you, advise you and help you come to a decision. Anything you need. 

Any work that exists out of our scope can be referred to you like fascia repair. If we're ever too busy, we'll find a qualified professional to help you and supervise their results. Also, we will anticipate and make minor repairs to issues we believe will become a problem for you in the future if not addressed.

Contact BulletpRoof Roof Systems | Residential Cedar Roof Conversion in Lower Mainland, BC

Residential cedar roof conversions can be a complicated, expensive and stressful experience for homeowners. While the roofing contractor who you decide to ultimately work with will have a lasting impact on your home and your family. 

Choose a professional who knows customer service and everything roofing, the roofer who gets it right the first time. BulletpRoof Roof Systems will help you through every step and will genuinely help you to maximize the value you receive from your new roof.

Call Marty, at (778) 809-7663, BulletpRoof Roof Systems to discuss your roofing project and schedule your free on-site esimtate today. 

BulletpRoof Roof Systems is family operated roofing contractor with over 15 years of experience. We have been helping families throughout Mission, BC and neighbouring areas resolve issues with their residential sloped roofs for many years now. We pride ourselves on providing genuine professional roofing services and are dedicated to helping our clients resolve issues with their roof systems as efficiently as possible.
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