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Considering Staying Home During a Roof Replacement? Exploring the Decision to Stay Home or Leave

Considering Staying Home During a Roof Replacement? Exploring the Decision to Stay Home or Leave

Considering staying home during a roof replacement? For the majority of homeowners, the worst-case scenario eventually occurs: a new roof is required. Although it is something we all desire to avoid, we might encounter it when we are homeowners.

Your roof may need to be replaced for a variety of reasons. The aftermath of a very powerful storm is one of the most frequent. Damage from wind and rain can cause the roof to break in multiple places, necessitating the replacement of the entire roof.

The roof's age can also be to blame. Weather and aging can degrade your roof over time, making it less efficient at protecting you and the rest of your home if it hasn't been replaced in a while.

Whatever the reason, you may eventually need to update to a new roof that is more efficient and up to date than the one you may have had. If you pick the appropriate roofing provider, this situation won’t be a nightmare.

One of the thoughts that run through your mind whenever you’re ready to replace your roof is how to go about it. Most people wonder if they should get new accommodation, or stay at home during this period.

Stay or Go, During a Roof Replacement?

Staying home during roof replacement is completely up to you and any decision you come up with shouldn’t be a problem for your contractor. Your contractor should be able to do great with or without your presence at home.

For safety reasons, you should vacate your home whenever they’re working on your roof.

Below are some of the reasons why you must vacate your home on the day of your roof replacement and some reasons why your contractor would kindly ask you to vacate.

Why it is Necessary to Vacate Your Home during a Roof Replacement

Maybe a contractor has asked you to leave your home during your roof replacement and you’re wondering why. There are 4 considerations you should know and get familiar with before you decide to stay back.

#1 Roof replacements are Loud and Annoying

A roof replacement comes with a constant banging and pounding, work boots creating a loud echo throughout the house all day. It really can be annoying and loud. 

How loud is a roof replacement? It’s between 95-120 decibels, which is equivalent to the thunder and electric drill sounds all throughout the day. Which can be painfully loud for some. 

This shows that a roof replacement might be a big deal for someone who is uncomfortable with noise. However, if you live in a multi-storey building, then the noise might be a bit less on the first floor, even though it is never going to be a pleasant situation.

Because you are aware of the noise, dealing with this at home is simpler, but your neighbors have to deal with it too. Provide them with notice in advance so they can make the necessary preparations too.

#2 Consider your Pets

Yes, you must consider the lives of your pets and how well they tolerate a lot of noise. 

From experience, cats tend to react to noise more than dogs and in serious cases the cat needed to be kept away for the week of the roof replacement. For dogs who react to loud noises like thunder, it's likely they won’t like the constant banging and pounding from the roof replacement. 

If possible, keep pets in the basement (lowest floor of the home) or have them stay at a pet care accommodation for the week. 

With your children, you might use this protocol as well. To avoid putting themselves in danger of obstructing the roofers' work, make sure kids understand not to play inside the home while the roofing is being done and to only stay there or in specified places.

#3 During the Roof Replacement, Keep out of the Way

Hiring a particular contractor for a job means you trust such a fellow to replace your roof correctly, therefore, it is crucial to your safety to stay away from areas they have designated to be dangerous.

If you say you want to stay during your roof replacement process, it means you have to be very careful because the contractor can’t see over the edge of the roof so they won’t know when someone is walking around or passing. Meaning a homeowner should expect that debris can fall unexpectedly at any time.

Everyone needs to remain indoors or away from the grass and off your roof. Even after roof repair is complete, it's wise to use caution when on your property in case there are any bits of debris left over.

#4 Consider your Vehicles

Another thing you need to consider are your vehicles. If you will be staying home, you have to ensure your vehicle is parked far enough away and is not going to obstruct the roof replacement process.

Be aware that contractors do take note of where you park your vehicles because they wouldn’t want to block your cars when you want to come in or exit.

If you chose to stay home and now would like to leave, but the contractors are blocking your vehicle. Then the contractors will have to stop their work and clear debris out of the way so that you’re able to leave safely. Delaying the roof replacement in the process.

#5 Organize Your Outdoor Space

Make sure to move any valuables outside, such as patio furniture, out of the way before the contractors show up. To avoid anything from getting damaged in the process.

Anything that can’t be moved should be adequately covered and safeguarded. Making the roofing company aware of these things can also be helpful, particularly if there are huge objects that are difficult to move.

#6 Coordinating with the Roofing Contractor

A good, reputable roofing company will take extra effort to coordinate with you and keep you informed at every stage of the process. Safety is always the top priority in these circumstances, and the roofing company will make sure to let you know if there will be any significant inconveniences for you to deal with.

The best roofing replacement specialists will proceed with the utmost care and will disclose any concerns as they arise. Even though it may not be the ideal situation, getting your roof rebuilt need not be a major nuisance.

Even though things may be out of the ordinary for a few days, you will be able to go on with a brand-new roof that will safeguard you and your family for a very long time.

Disadvantages of Staying Home During a Roof Replacement

Let’s consider some of the disadvantages that come with staying at home during roof replacement.

#1 It is a Noisy Process

The noise from the roof replacement is one of the main deterrents for individuals who will want to stay at home. After all, replacing and repairing a roof isn’t a quiet process. 

In the best of circumstances, this noise can be unnerving at other times, other times it can be intolerable. If you can’t tolerate a lot of noise, you might want to reconsider where you’ll be staying while the repairs are being made.

#2 Staying Home is Stressful

Observing your roof being torn apart isn’t for everyone, it's upsetting to see it get torn apart for some people. 

While your roof should be fixed and ready to go when the job is finished, not all roofing jobs go smoothly, and if you’re there while accidents and problems are happening. 

You might be putting yourself through unnecessary stress.

#3 It isn’t Safe

Roof replacements are the same as construction zones, where safety equipment is required to maneuver the area safely through the debris and unsafe areas.

Unless the homeowner has a helmet and work boots, it’s not advised for them to get involved. In any case, leave it to the professionals and stay out of their way because you’re putting yourself in unnecessary danger.

#4 It might get Cold

One of the roof’s responsibilities is to insulate the home and maintain the indoor warmth or coolness in. When the roof is removed or left open, it can quickly get uncomfortable inside the home. 

Especially the case when work is done during the winter and it can become harsh for homeowners during the nighttime.

#5 Unavoidable Inside of the Home

Sometimes it's not possible to stay at home, in a rancher, bungalow or similar structure where the living area opens up to the roof. Reason being the roof work will affect the interior making it uninhabitable for the time of the roof replacement.

In these cases, the roofer will advise the homeowner to consider not staying at home.

#6 Loss of Convenience

Working at home, studying or whatever the case may not permit you to take advantage of staying at home because of the uncomfortable conditions that a roof replacement will put the homeowner in. 

It could be chilly, humid, dangerous or could have your vehicle blocked in. Consider what is the most convenient for your situation. Especially since the roof replacement will take a few days to finish.

#7 Roofers Entering the Attic or Home

Depending on roof deck condition during the tear-down process it is expected that roofers may have to enter the attic to make the necessary repairs. This is especially true for cedar conversions which do not have a roof deck and require the roofers to enter the attic to make the necessary repairs.

For homes that need skylight installation during this process, roofers will need to work from inside the home and from the roof to properly install everything. Which will require the roofers to yell at each other in order to communicate.

Conclusion on whether to Stay or Go?

Depending on the type of home and the homeowner’s home situation, the homeowner will need to take all of these areas discussed into consideration before they make the decision of whether they can stay or go.

Please communicate with the roofers for what is the best course of action to take and do yourself a favor, by giving yourself every opportunity to reduce stress during the roof replacement process. Always take every occupant in the home into consideration along with your neighbors to avoid stressing everyone out.

With all of that taken into consideration, make the appropriate decision and your roofing contractor will respect it. 


Should I stay home during a roof replacement?

It's generally recommended to stay away from your home during a roof replacement for safety reasons. Construction activities can pose risks to occupants, and staying elsewhere ensures your well-being.

Can I stay home while my roof is being replaced?

While you technically can stay home, it's safer to avoid being on-site due to potential hazards like falling debris, noise, and construction activities.

Why is it advised to stay away during roof replacement?

Staying away reduces risks of injury from falling materials, tools, and accidents, and allows workers to focus on the job without concerns about your safety.

How long should I stay away from home during roof replacement?

The duration varies, but it's usually best to plan to be away for the duration of the project, which can range from a few days to a week, depending on the complexity.

What if I need to access my home during the roof replacement?

Coordinate with the roofing company to access your home if necessary, but prioritize your safety by following their guidance and avoiding construction zones.

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