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Roofing blog bringing together tips, tricks and ways for homeowners get the most value out of their roof system.
48 Ways to Make a Roof Last Longer

There are always ways to make a roof last longer no matter the roof conditions, whether it's through roof maintenance or other means. Depending on[...]

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Are Two Layers of Shingles Better than One?

Are two layers of shingles better than one? In theory it sounds better, an additional layer of shingles to a roof installation should provide additional[...]

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64 Reasons Not to Put Shingles on Top of Shingles

Reasons not to put shingles on top of shingles starts with knowing what any roofing material is meant to do first for a roof installation.[...]

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How to Stop Roof Tiles from Lifting?

Do you live in a region with regular thunderstorms and strong winds and are concerned about how to stop roof tiles from lifting? Roof tiles[...]

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Roof Leaking where Porch Meets Roof

Roof leaking where porch meets roof? Not a fun situation to be in for any homeowner because the area where the porch meets the roof[...]

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How many Layers of Shingles are Allowed?

How many layers of shingles are allowed on a roof? The answer can be found by examining the signs that your roof has reached the[...]

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Potential Water Damage Risks During Roof Replacement

Have you saved up enough money to get a roof replacement? There are potential water damage risks with any roof replacement and we would like[...]

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Considering Staying Home During a Roof Replacement? Exploring the Decision to Stay Home or Leave

Considering staying home during a roof replacement? For the majority of homeowners, the worst-case scenario eventually occurs: a new roof is required. Although it is[...]

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How Loud is a Roof Replacement?

How loud is a roof replacement? Well before the actual day of roof replacement is difficult to say unless you’ve experienced it in your own[...]

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How does Sun Affect Roof Shingles?

How does sun affect roof shingles? We see sun faded roofs regularly, aged and damaged residential roofing, slowly wearing down over time. Well, first what[...]

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