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Signs It's Time to Replace Your Asphalt Shingle Roof

“Signs it’s time to replace your asphalt shingle roof” is a common discussion homeowners have with roofers and we thought it would be a valuable[...]

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Pros & Cons of Multiple Layers Roof Shingles

The "Pros & Cons of Multiple Layers Roof Shingles" would make for a valuable blog post that could inform our readers who are considering adding[...]

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What is Your Top Complaint About Roofing Contractors?

What is your top complaint about roofing contractors? Everyone has their own story to share when it comes to experiences with roofing contractors, and many[...]

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How Long Does a Tile Roof Last? A Deep Dive into Tile Roofing Lifespan and Care

When it comes to roofing, one question often pops up: how long does a tile roof last? Am I due for a tile roof conversion?[...]

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Which is done first, ceiling work or roofing work?

When it comes to construction, it's not unusual to be faced with the question: "Which is done first, ceiling work or roofing work?" Short answer,[...]

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22 Risks of Not Replacing an Old Roof

The risks of delaying a roof replacement on an old roof have to do with allowing old problems to worsen over time and trying to[...]

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What to Fix First in an Old House?

Our Answer What to fix first in an old house? You are absolutely on the right path by tackling the roof repair and gutters first.[...]

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14 Risks of Poor Attic Ventilation

The risks of poor attic ventilation in any roof installation mainly relate to the attic’s inability to create enough airflow to move moisture and heat[...]

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18 Risks of Putting Off Repairs on a Leaky Roof

The risks of putting off roof repairs on a leaky roof will save the homeowner the cost of completing minor repairs to the roof in[...]

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26 Risks of Neglecting Your Roof Maintenance

The risks of neglecting your roof maintenance depends on a homeowner’s level of neglect and the length of time maintenance has been neglected. That really[...]

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