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Category: Roof Installation

Roof installation: Crucial for protecting your home, they involve professional installation of roofing materials to ensure durability and weather resistance.

What are Roof Installations?

Roof installation refers to the process of installing a new roof or replacing an existing one. It is a crucial aspect of home construction and maintenance, ensuring the protection and structural integrity of a building. A well-installed roof provides shelter, insulation, and safeguards against weather elements such as rain, snow, wind, and sunlight. Understanding Roof […]

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Pros & Cons of Multiple Layers Roof Shingles

The "Pros & Cons of Multiple Layers Roof Shingles" would make for a valuable blog post that could inform our readers who are considering adding layers to their roof installation. To begin with, the term "multiple layers of shingles" refers to the practice of installing a new asphalt shingle roof on top of an existing […]

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14 Risks of Poor Attic Ventilation

The risks of poor attic ventilation in any roof installation mainly relate to the attic’s inability to create enough airflow to move moisture and heat from inside to outside of the attic. Preventing the attic from staying dry and free of moisture as it should be. Causing damage to the roof that shortens its lifespan, […]

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Are Two Layers of Shingles Better than One?

Are two layers of shingles better than one? In theory it sounds better, an additional layer of shingles to a roof installation should provide additional protection for the homeowner’s roof and it is less costly in the short-term, in theory at least. A few reasons, why this may be appealing:  In reality, the short answer […]

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64 Reasons Not to Put Shingles on Top of Shingles

Reasons not to put shingles on top of shingles starts with knowing what any roofing material is meant to do first for a roof installation. As a general rule of thumb, if that roofing material isn’t able to serve that purpose anymore, it will cause the roof and home some form of damage.  Asphalt shingles […]

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How many Layers of Shingles are Allowed?

How many layers of shingles are allowed on a roof? The answer can be found by examining the signs that your roof has reached the end of its life, which are typically quite apparent. Consistent leaks, shingle loss, and mold growth can all indicate the need for a new roof. Contrary to what some homeowners […]

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