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Residential Roofing Contractor in Hatzic, Mission

We Make Your Entire Roofing Experience Stress-Free and Aren't Finished Until You're Completely Satisfied with the Results

Trust all of your roofing needs to BulletpRoof Roof Systems, the ultimate solution for residential roofing in Hatzic, Mission. As a full-service roofing contractor, we are equipped to handle all weather conditions and can handle all of your roof removal, replacement, and installation needs. We take every roofing project seriously, providing the care, safety, and craftsmanship it deserves, ensuring local homeowners receive the best value for their roofs.

Marty, the founder of BulletpRoof Roof Systems, holds a manufacturer certification and is a trained Shingle Master™ with over 15 years of experience. Our family-owned and operated local roofing company is fully licensed and insured, specializing in residential sloped reroofs and cedar and tile roof conversions into asphalt shingles and more.

No matter your roofing Hatzic, Mission needs, be it cedar to tile or asphalt shingle to composites, we have you covered with products from major brands and various quality levels. Our expertise extends to the entire roof system, including gutters, framing, water protections, and ventilation systems, ensuring your new roof is built to last.

Tired of dealing with unprofessional roofers? Look no further! Give Marty a call at (778) 809-7663 for a free on-site estimate today. We provide fast, free, and no-obligation quotes, and there are no hidden costs involved. Trust a local roofing company in Mission.

Why choose us? We genuinely care about meeting your expectations and delivering the results you deserve. Our top priority is your satisfaction, and we are dedicated to providing top-notch service at a fair price. We take the time to explain materials, warranties, and offer samples to ensure the color and durability match your needs.

Benefits of working with BulletpRoof Roof Systems:

  1. Fast Response Time: We respond promptly within hours, ensuring quick turnaround on your roofing project.
  2. Transparency: With pricing transparency and clear communication, we provide verified resources and information to justify material choices.
  3. Professionalism: We are strictly professional, courteous, and committed to giving you and your family the respect you deserve. Our team arrives on time, organized, and takes safety and cleanup seriously to deliver the best results possible.

Choose BulletpRoof Roof Systems, roofer near me, for a seamless and satisfying roofing experience. Let us craft your ideal new roof and provide you with peace of mind for years to come.


I appreciated so many things about Marty and his crew. Marty was very good at explaining everything to me. He did what he said He would do from the start to the end. The crew were hard working they removed the old roof and installed the new roof in two days. I have to say I was even a little shocked at how well they cleaned up everything after. Such a pleasure working with people who are honest and hard working. I also love supporting a local business!

Top-Rated Roofing Contractor in Hatzic, Mission

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Roofing Services in Hatzic, Mission

We're a full-service residential roofing contractor specialized in residential sloped re-roofing and cedar/tile roof conversions in the Hatzic, Mission area. We're fully equipped to meet all your roof removal, replacement and installation needs. 

We are able to provide assistance or referrals for roof inspection, roof maintenance and roof repairs like moss removal, fascia repair and so on.

History of Hatzic, Mission

Hatzic is a historic community located in the Central Fraser Valley region of the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada. It is situated on the east side of the City of Mission and extends beyond the municipal boundary to the east and northeast.

Hatzic is home to two significant historical sites in British Columbia. The first is the mission school of the Oblate Fathers (OMI), St. Mary's Indian Residential School, which is the namesake of the City of Mission. The second is Xá:ytem, an archaeological site and museum dating back over 9,000 years. Xá:ytem is recognized as a National Heritage Site of Canada.

Another notable feature in Hatzic is Ferncliff Gardens, a private floral operation that is transitioning into a heritage site. Hatzic Slough, which forms part of the drainage system for the oxbow Hatzic Lake, is home to one of the world's largest dry-sorting yards for raw timber.

Hatzic has a rich natural environment and is surrounded by various geographical landmarks. Mission's Fraser River Heritage Park, which includes the foundations of the original school, is situated to the west of Hatzic. The community is also characterized by its proximity to Westminster Abbey, a Benedictine monastery established in the 1950s, and the Ferndale neighborhood of Mission, which overlooks Hatzic from above.

Across the floodplain from Hatzic lies Dewdney, a community located at the bridge where British Columbia Highway 7 leads onto Nicomen Island. On the other side of the Fraser River from Hatzic is the northeast sector of Matsqui Prairie.

Hatzic experiences an oceanic climate with average annual precipitation of 1,883.3 mm (74.15 in). The climate is characterized by moderate temperatures, with average highs ranging from 5.6 °C (42.1 °F) in January to 22.9 °C (73.2 °F) in August. Extreme temperatures have been recorded from −21.7 °C (−7.1 °F) in December 1968 to 35.0 °C (95.0 °F) in August 1978.

The Hatzic Valley, which includes Hatzic Island, Hatzic Prairie, and Durieu, is part of Electoral Area 'F' of the Fraser Valley Regional District. This region encompasses the old course of the Stave River's glacier and its terminal moraine, primarily consisting of fertile floodplain areas.

Overall, Hatzic holds historical significance in British Columbia and is known for its natural beauty, archaeological heritage, and unique geographical features.

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Hatzic is a historic community located on the east side of the City of Mission in the Central Fraser Valley region of British Columbia, Canada. It extends beyond the municipal boundary to the east and northeast. The community of Hatzic is situated near Westminster Abbey and is bordered by Mission's Fraser River Heritage Park to the west. It overlooks the benchland and Hatzic Valley and is adjacent to the community of Dewdney. British Columbia Highway 7 leads onto Nicomen Island from Dewdney.


Cities We Serve Near Hatzic, Mission

Local cities near Hatzic, Mission trust BulletpRoof Roof Systems will provide homeowners with a new roof that is guarateed to last for years to come.
If you're looking for a professional roofing contractor that you can trust, BulletpRoof Roof Systems is the best choice for you!
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Things to do in Hatzic, Mission

Hatzic Mission is a community located in Mission, British Columbia, Canada. While it may be a relatively small area, there are several interesting things to do and places to visit in and around Hatzic Mission. Here are some popular attractions and activities in the area:

  1. Fraser River Heritage Park: This beautiful park offers stunning views of the Fraser River and features walking trails, picnic areas, and historical exhibits. It's a great place to relax, enjoy nature, and learn about the local history.
  2. Westminster Abbey: A significant religious site, Westminster Abbey is a Benedictine monastery that welcomes visitors. The abbey has a peaceful atmosphere and beautiful architecture, making it a popular spot for reflection and exploration.
  3. Rolley Lake Provincial Park: Nature enthusiasts will enjoy visiting Rolley Lake Provincial Park, which offers opportunities for hiking, camping, swimming, and fishing. The park is known for its serene lake and scenic trails surrounded by lush forests.
  4. Mission Raceway Park: If you're a motorsport enthusiast, Mission Raceway Park is worth a visit. This multi-purpose motorsport facility hosts various racing events throughout the year, including drag racing, road racing, and motocross.
  5. Ferncliff Gardens: Located nearby, Ferncliff Gardens is a delightful spot for garden lovers. The gardens feature an impressive collection of dahlias and other flowering plants, providing a vibrant and colorful display.

Visitors can also enjoy family-friendly entertainment at Castle Fun Park and sample craft beers at Mission Springs Brewing Company. To delve into the local culture, a visit to the Mission Downtown Business Association and the Mission Museum is recommended. For those seeking further exploration, nearby attractions like the Canadian Museum of Flight and Cultus Lake Adventure Park offer additional options.

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