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Category: Roof Repair

Roof Repair: Dealing with a leaking roof? A quick roof patch or professional roof leak repair can save you time and money in the long run.

Warning Signs & Types of Roofing Repairs

Depending on the location of the home, the roof installation’s current condition, and wear and tear it has endured (from rainfall, falling branches, maintenance levels, etc.). Below is a general outline that any homeowner can use to gauge their expectations for the roofing repair they need, being either: In any case, if the homeowner doesn’t […]

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How to Find a Roof Leak?

Generally, it’s better to fix a leaky roof immediately, no matter if it isn’t bothering you or you’re getting a new roof in the next year because unless you find a roof leak, small leaks (are easily repairable) can turn into serious problems for the home one day.  So knowing you have a leaky roof […]

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Which is done first, ceiling work or roofing work?

When it comes to construction, it's not unusual to be faced with the question: "Which is done first, ceiling work or roofing work?" Short answer, prioritize exterior roofing work to prevent further water damage to your home's interior first and then address interior ceiling work after. Ensuring mold, electrical issues and other issues don't persist, […]

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What to Fix First in an Old House?

Our Answer What to fix first in an old house? You are absolutely on the right path by tackling the roof and gutters first. There’s no sense in working on other areas until the home is protected from water damage. I’d also suggest checking all window and door flashing (as well as on the roof) […]

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18 Risks of Putting Off Repairs on a Leaky Roof

The risks of putting off repairs on a leaky roof will save the homeowner the cost of completing minor repairs to the roof in exchange for dealing with major repairs related to the water damage it causes.  What a homeowner needs to understand is that the roof protects the rest of the home; This includes […]

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Roof Leaking where Porch Meets Roof

Roof leaking where porch meets roof? Not a fun situation to be in for any homeowner because the area where the porch meets the roof is a sensitive joint that is likely to leak if not protected properly.  As a precautionary step, roofing mission (a.k.a "BulletpRoof") recommends finding exactly where the leak came from and […]

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Can a Leaky Roof Cause Electrical Problems?

Can a leaky roof cause electrical problems? Yes, it can. A leaky roof can cause electrical problems when water seeps into the home's electrical systems. This article explores the risks and signs of electrical damage from a leaky roof and what to do with an old house in case an emergency arises. Why Electricity and […]

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